Read My Lips #1

Hey,  I’ve decided to do R.M.L. now before The Bloggy Awards because I’m working on them now and I still have to wait for a load of people to respond to me. So I only got 1 photo submission. 😯 But thats fine I mean you all have your own blogs, right. I also know the Mya from AG lane was trying to l7nk a pic to me but it didn’t work. I appreciate the effort Mya! So, submissions are still open for the next R.M.L. So I used My Doll Life’s picture, (also known as Shannon) Thank you Shannon!!!!

Here’s the pic


Come on everyone. Let’s READ HER LIPS!!!

You have until I don’t know

 Bye         Kayla

P.S. Is anyone else excited for the Bloggy Award show and I can’t wait to see that stunning host (me).


Author: Kayla

I'm a 12 year old girl with 1 wish unlike any other 12 year old's wish........... AG Doll? Pleaseeeee?"

6 thoughts on “Read My Lips #1”

  1. Samantha: steady…
    Meatloaf: (Barks wildly)
    Samantha: what’s wrong boy?
    Meatloaf: ( runs after squirrel)
    Samantha: Whoah!!!
    (Samantha falls and squirrel lands on face)
    Samantha: Hi buddy! I remember you! Our classroom pet from preschool!
    Meatloaf: bark bark!

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  2. Random bystander: what are you doing?!
    Samantha: skateboarding with my dog.
    Random bystander: why?
    Samantha: because I want to! You got a problem with that.
    (Meatloaf barks, backing her up)
    Random bystander: I think I’m scared for life!!

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