National Ice Cream Day

Geeky girl nominated me for the National Ice Cream Cone Day! Yay! My 3rd Award!!!!


Now for my Ice Cream Related questions

  1. Favourite flavour of Ice Cream?

A: Um…………… Cookie dough!!!

2. What Ice cream flavour would you invent?

A:Um……. SKITTLES!!!!!!!!

3. Garlic ice cream or Olive?

A:  What? Never tried them but picking one to try maybe Olive.


A: SPRINKLESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! (I meant to have caps that time)

5. Gummy bears or Gummy worms?

A: SERIOUSLY!!!You’re making me choose? Fine gummy worms

6. Chocolate sauce or Whip Cream?

A: WHAT?! Again, a hard one.  Um…….. Whip Cream

7. Ice Cream on a cold day or a hot day?

A: UH……… both?

8. Chocolate or Vanilla?

A: Um well this is a basic question, really. One of the easier ones so….. chocolate!

9. Favourite Ice cream topping?

A: Does everything count as a topping?

10. Cone or Cup?

A: hmmmm…….. I like both really.  So…… both!😀😁

That is all. Thank you sooooooo very much geeky_girl that was very fun. I am not nominating anyone because the day is over but if you want this award comment below and it’s most likely yours. Bye!😀

P.S. This is lucky post number 30


I’ve been Crafting


This is an ag book I made. I am not making a new won because I don’t have enough paper board right now.

The things I used are

  1. Sticky notes or scrapbook paper (make sure you have 2 colours optional
  2. Paper board (as in cardboard, cereal boxes, or the back from the casemate ball point pens pack)
  3. Scissors
  4. lined paper
  5. glue stick or that school glue stuff


Sorry bad lighting.

  1. Take 4 sticky notes of one colour and cut off the sticky part


They should be this size

2.                   Glue them together so they end up looking like this


Now….. ( I know you miss the numbers, but just forget about them) fill the sticky notes or scrapbooking paper with paper board or cardstock or whatever you call it .So it looks like this…….


fill it up as much as you can I couldn’t finish because my paperboard ran out. Also make sure you dont do one whole strip of paperboard on all four picease of the sticky notes or else they won’t bend like how they are supposed to.


After folding it unfold it and with your other colour (or the same colour if you want) and paste it on top of the paperboard. You don’t want people to see the paperboard,  do you?


Sorry my camera sucks. It’s my tablet Camera.

Now glue your paper in the book however you’d like.  You could also glue a little piece of lined paper on the back for a “description” of the book.



And you’re done! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!


School is tommorow.  Oh my gondaliers!!! So many thoughts going through my head – good thing I read Zendaya’s book last night “Between u and me”. So anyways I’m mostly here for a little reveiw on MaryEllen’s clothes line. By the way I’m also very sad that some people with ag dolls mistreat them so badly. I mean if you’re really have trouble with taking care of your dolls there are a BUTTTLOAD of youtube videos for how to clean your dolls skin, how to fix their frizzy hair. So please don’t make your dolls suffer, it kills me when I see dolls suffer.Next, the review………..


That was a post I was going to finish but I ended up not so I’ll probably do a Maryellen reveiw some other time. I originally did this post on September 8th.

Blog Progress!

I’m doing a post kind of like Clara did. So I’ll be sharing my blog stats.It’s been about almost 2 months so let’s see what has happened in that time.

26 posts (including this)


 162 visiters


15 follows

and……………. 128 comments.And the top commenters are……

Me?- at 52 comments

Rebekah- at 16

and agcupakelover- at 9

it’s been a couple months and we’ve been doing good!

Infinity Dreams Award

Thank you Hannah from The Dolls of Texas and agdollawesome for nominating me for this award.

download (12)

I found that pic on google. Anyways now for the questions…..

Q: Salted or unsalted peanuts?

A: Salted. I kind of like sucking the salt off the peanut and then eating them. But I don’t really like peanuts.

Q:Flat of pop-up stickers?

A: Pop-up!!! Duh, that’s like picking 2D against 3D. I’d pick 3D.

Q:What is the worst part about receiving this award?

A: Deciding who I should nominate

Q: Butterflies or Dragonflies?

A: Dragonflies

Q: What gets on your nerves the most?

A: The sound of cracked knuckles.

Q:  Would you rather be really hot or freezing?

A: Really hot. I think….. because then I can have nice cold water or stick myself in a freezer.

Q: Are you a morning person?

A: I’m a morning person and a night person!😀

Q: Would you rather model clothes or design them?

A: Design all the way!!!

Q:  Facebook or Instagram?

A: I don’t have either but I prefer instagram

Q: Do you like taking photos of dolls, flowers or animals?

A: Dolls, especially if I had an AG doll

Q: Do you like seeing beaches or sunsets?

A: beaches

Now for the nominations………..

Mya-AG lane


Amaya-fun with ag fan

Delightful world of dolls


Now the questions……

1.Pizza or chicken?

2. Popcorn or candy?

3. Instagram or Pinterest

4. Favourite insect?

5. Would you rather just have a doll blog or just have a personal blog?

6. If you could get 3 dolls right away who would they be?

7. What is the worst part of receiving this award?

8. Lunar eclipse or solar eclipse?

9. Salted peanuts or unsalted peanuts?

10. Pet peeve?

11. God or The Big Bang Thoery

Happpy Blogging!!!!!!!!