Infinity Dreams Award

Thank you Hannah from The Dolls of Texas and agdollawesome for nominating me for this award.

download (12)

I found that pic on google. Anyways now for the questions…..

Q: Salted or unsalted peanuts?

A: Salted. I kind of like sucking the salt off the peanut and then eating them. But I don’t really like peanuts.

Q:Flat of pop-up stickers?

A: Pop-up!!! Duh, that’s like picking 2D against 3D. I’d pick 3D.

Q:What is the worst part about receiving this award?

A: Deciding who I should nominate

Q: Butterflies or Dragonflies?

A: Dragonflies

Q: What gets on your nerves the most?

A: The sound of cracked knuckles.

Q:  Would you rather be really hot or freezing?

A: Really hot. I think….. because then I can have nice cold water or stick myself in a freezer.

Q: Are you a morning person?

A: I’m a morning person and a night person!😀

Q: Would you rather model clothes or design them?

A: Design all the way!!!

Q:  Facebook or Instagram?

A: I don’t have either but I prefer instagram

Q: Do you like taking photos of dolls, flowers or animals?

A: Dolls, especially if I had an AG doll

Q: Do you like seeing beaches or sunsets?

A: beaches

Now for the nominations………..

Mya-AG lane


Amaya-fun with ag fan

Delightful world of dolls


Now the questions……

1.Pizza or chicken?

2. Popcorn or candy?

3. Instagram or Pinterest

4. Favourite insect?

5. Would you rather just have a doll blog or just have a personal blog?

6. If you could get 3 dolls right away who would they be?

7. What is the worst part of receiving this award?

8. Lunar eclipse or solar eclipse?

9. Salted peanuts or unsalted peanuts?

10. Pet peeve?

11. God or The Big Bang Thoery

Happpy Blogging!!!!!!!!


Author: Kayla

I'm a 12 year old girl with 1 wish unlike any other 12 year old's wish........... AG Doll? Pleaseeeee?"

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