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Hey people! I think I am going to do a giveaway of sorts.  All you have to do is say you want to enter in the comments, and then on November 1st I will announce the winner! The winner gets…

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40 Followers Giveaway!!!!!

This is a great giveaway for 3 beautiful skirts please enter!!!!!

Hello!  I recently got forty follows!  Thank-you so much for everyone supporting my blog!  I felt like I needed a way to celebrate this occasion!  And what better way to do that than to have a giveaway!  This giveaway features three beautiful fall skirts made by someone special… ME!!!!  That’s right, I sewed these skirts!!!  So let’s see what you could win!!!


The first skirt happens to be a well made mini skirt.  All three skirts have elastic in them.


This skirt is a straight skirt that is knee length.  This is Emily’s favorite!


And the last skirt is also a straight skirt!


You can win all three skirts for your Doll!!

Are you ready to WIN!!!????

There are a few things to keep in mind when you enter:

-You HAVE to have a parent or guardian’s permission if you are under 18.

-You have to follow my blog to…

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2nd Ebay Wishlist

I know the title may be deceiving, I don’t have a new Ebay wishlist. I’m just going to list the ones who aren’t sold  and see if prices have chage then you can compare to the first post.

First up we have Customized Saige again, she’s still being sold


Her old price was $119.12. Currently she’s $116.26. THE PRICES WENT DOWN BARELY!!! Sucsess.

I think she’s the only one who didn’t sell yet. But I did add new dolls and I also have some clothes on my wishlist.

$_1 (22) $_1 (23)

A beautiful custom My AG doll for $ 322.94

I was wrong there is one more doll from the other list

$_1 (2)

CAROLINE there is one more doll left of her. She was for $153.51 she’s now $155.00. The prices went up not by much though.

m4vGH03IPnkWMQfBXJ3sSjg$_1 (27)

Emily for $ 290.64

$_1 (28) $_1 (29)

Now Mckenna for $ 581.22

That’s all for the dolls but in further news………

I’m going to interview a lucky doll blog who comments below


Pick  1-3 of your dolls (or the whole family) that I can interview state their names, ages and some things about them and why they’d like to be interviewed.  

For the humans basically I’ll invite you to “check my blog” but you’ll basically you’ll anwser my questions and stuff like that but then again I don’t really know how to do that. So if someone could tell me?

American Girl at Costco?


I was at American Girl Ideas (the website) and on one of her posts it showed a bunch of AG stuff at Costco. Like a Bitty Baby for $99 with about a million acsessories.  A mini Beforever doll with a 3 book and a charm thingy. There’s also the read and create sets but no actual 18″ dolls. So I am SOOOOOOOOOO going to costco to see if they have ag stuff in Canada’s Costco.

P.S. I forgot mention this is my 40th post and they were also selling $100 gift cards (4 $25 giftcards) for $79.99 😀

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award (2)

I got nominated once again for this award yay thanks Maddi @


My questions:

What is your fave animal?

Dolphin or Kangaroo

Flip flops, sneakers or boots?

Maybe…….. sneakers!!!!

Fave season?

All of them

Fave Holiday?

Christmas, the birth of Jesus

Fave movie?

To pick one maybe……… Full out

Fave song?

All of them!!!!!!

Fave singer?

I like Fifth Harmony but they’re a group

Fave Disney Princess?


Dress, skirt or pants?


Fave Store?

Don’t know

Those are the questions I’ll nominate anyone who comments below and wants this award😀

Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award

5TH AWARD BOOOM CLAPPPP!!!!!! Thank you Rebekah for this awesome award woot woot what what!!!!!


Thank the blogger who nominated you, lining back to their site

Thanks Rebekah for nominating me

Put the award logo on your blog

-Anwser the 10 questions sent to you

– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to anwser

Nominate 10 blogs


Now My Questions:

  1. Caroline or Maryellen?

A. Seriously, I can’t decide. Okay If I were to choose one to get right now then Caroline

2. OG or AG?

A. AG all the way

3. What did you last eat?

A.  I drank chocolate milk, I ate a vitamin???

4. What is your favourite thing to take pictures of?

A. Flowers and if I had dolls then dolls

5. What camera do you use?

A. My tablet Camera

6. How many blogs do you have, and what are they about?

A. I have one blog about AG called if that wasn’t clear enough

7. What is your favourite season?

A. I honestly don’t know,  I love them all!!!!

8. Would you rather have 3 OG dolls or 1 AG doll?

A. 1 AG doll will get me at my happiest

9. What is your favourite school subject?

A. Language

10. What is your favourite song?

A.  I guess I liks the song “Goodbye” by Who is Fancy


Now nominations :

 Loren –

Flo –

Hannah –

Emma- Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls




And any other 3 blogs that want it please comment below.

My Questions:

  1. When did you start liking AG?
  2. When did you start blogging?
  3. Do you have any OG dolls do you have?
  4. What are your 8 favourite blogs?
  5.  Girl of the year Nicki or Girl of the year Kailey?
  6. Fave book?
  7. Country you want to visit?
  8. What are you currently wearing?
  9. What time is it?
  10. What do you think about receiving this award from me?