Half 100 Q&A

I’m doing a Q&A because I just past the 50 posts mark. So I’d like you all to please leave a question. It can be about anything. You could even ask me personal questions, although depending on the question I may not be able to anwser it. Sorry. So be smart about what you are asking me. Please if you have viewed this post share it on your blog I will anwser EVERY single question I get (unless overly personal). I will anwser the questions on…………….. December 20th or 19th. And Im hoping if you are not familiar with my blog that you will follow me!


I Kind of made a Mistake

When I was asking you to vote for names for #24 I made a mistake. The really hard names for me to choose from were  Kaitlyn and Quinn

Possibilty 1: Quinn Taylor Johnstone

Possibility 2: Kaitlyn Quinn Johnstone

Possibility 3: Kimberly Quinn Johnstone

Possibility 4: Taylor Kate Johnstone

And Aubrey’s official name is……………… Aubrey Canin (pronounced cane – in) Johnstone

So far I’m really loving Quinn Taylor Johnstone, so would you Please Name This Doll!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my 52nd post I’m very happy I wonder when I’ll make 100 posts? Maybe before 1 year.

P.S. I will be doing a test post to see if I can collab with the winner of the free interview, if anyone could volenteer for me to test that out with your blog? DO NOT worry this would just be a draft and will not be published I just want to learn to see if I can collab with other blogs. Um….. I think Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans in the blogging universe. My Thanksgiving was in October (like all other Canadians).


So my mom couldn’t find the American Girl section in Costco.  That was the bad news. Good news: we may go back to Costco to check before Christmas! !!! Other good news is I’m so desperate I decided on making a Christmas list to Santa. So there is always Christmas because I put some specific AG dolls on my list. Other news my Christmas list is done and I’ll be sending it to Santa in early December. I’m not to heart broken about not getting the doll though. I’m still hangin’ onto hope. I’m not trying to throw myself a pitty party because those things are just sad. So…… in further news I made doll mascara!, – Kaitlyn’s going to need it- lets see if I can upload a picture of it……………… And I don’t have enough memory – LUCKY MEEEE.

Okay who else is excited for Christmas, I know I am!!! Best time of year……. the time of BIRTH, and presents and STARS and trees and INNS and snow and JESUS!!!! Did you know?

Sorry that was random and I had way too many “ands”. Well I shall puplish that poem one day.

Oh ya I forgot to say for that interview thing I will get to that soon I just dont know how to collab with another blog. Does anyone know how? Because I dont want to make it like a tag. I want to make it different, like a real interview! Please help. I dont know how to collab with blogs in one post please help!!!!!!!

Best Idea Ever : Doll Wishlist!

Thanks http://www.agdollawesome.wordpress.com for this awesomazing idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry Loren I couldnt help myself)

So I’m going to be puting the Truly Medolls from my Christmas list onto this post. Writing ideas for there names and personalities and hobbies. If you’d like to do this as well just go ahead.  Make sure you link back to me though, please!

Now onto the post………… (all photos from this post will be from http://www.americangirl.ca)

Kaitlyn or Taylor or Kimberly (leaning towards Kaitlyn)

She would be a gymnast all the way! Okay, not all the way I mean Kaitlyn still has instagram, snapchat, boys, Starbucks, cheerleading, volleyball and the latest fashion trends to worry about in her life.

I would make her 14 but then she’d age WAY too quickly.  So she may be 11 or 12. Her last name would be Menier or Cane. Her nickname: Kate. Her middle name:unknown maybe Una.

This is Aubrey Una Menier or Cane.

As you can see I’ve decided on her name middle name being Una. Aubrey is kind of shy and on some kind of rebellious side. She likes skateboarding and music. She’s a very smart cookie but doesn’t really show it. She has trouble finding her true self. She’s 9 or 10.




Her name: unknown wait no………………… Kiera maybe?

So I know nothing about her………. yet




This is …………. All I know is that her name has to start with an “L”it just has to!

???????? Haven’t figured out the details as usual.




Name: Kassy or Kandy

Likes volleyball, Starbucks,selfies of all kinds and braids and bandannas (together)




This is Andy. Andy will have a Mexican background.

She’ll wear a lot of Josefina clothes because she loves the mexican history.

Another un-named doll but that’s ok!

She’s the swimmer of the family thats all I can say. Im actualy thinking of a Sammy or something like that.

Anyways that’s probably not all the Truly Me’s on my list be oh well what are you to do?

Now comes the real challenge called: Please Name This Doll



What’s her name is it Kimberly, Kaitlyn (pick Kaitlyn) or  Taylor !!


If you are here to ask “what’s with all the caption boxes today?” I have absolutely no idea!!!! Also this is my 50th post have way to 100 in less than have a year wooo hooo. I started blogging in like July 27th ish-y times so ya! Check out my last post which was posted a couple seconds ago!!!!! Very exciting stuff!!! Over 400 words in this post. Was it too long I’m sorry.