Sisterhood Bloggers Award 3 (I think)

So I did get nominated again but this was in like….. October!!!

Sorry for keeping you waitind OurAgDollhouse. Let’s get right into this.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

A. Comments and when people like my posts.

Who is your favourite ag blogger and agtuber?

I’ll have to say Happy House of Ag and AGsmiless

Who is your favourite american girl doll you don’t have?

Addy, 55 and 24 all sooooo beautiful

What would you change about american girl?

Prices and maybe locations so there would be one closer to where I live (I live in a sub-urbish area and there are 2 ag stores in the city).

Beforever/Historical dolls or Modern dolls?

I like that most Beforevers have middle parts, but for variety reasons I have to say modern doll.

Your top five hobbies?

Well I’m really boring so….. dance, blogging, school?, youtube watching?, oh ya READING!!!

Do you make stopmotions? If not would you like to?

No I don’t do stopmotions but when I get a doll and a phone I will be starting.

Do you plan on getting another doll? If so which one?

Hopefully!?!?!???!?!????!!!!!! It doesnt matter which ag doll just an ag doll

Who is your favourite GOTY and why?

I like basically all of them. But to name a few Saige: when I saw her curly beautiful  hair I regretted just getting into ag in 2014. Kanani: (let’s just say I have a thing for dolls with long hair) When I saw her beautiful long brown hair and dress I don’t know she just spoke to me (like every other doll).

Which is better for furniture and accessories Og or Ag?

Well Og has more for less. And sometimes Ag has less for more but with REALLY GOOD quality.

Thank you for the tag OAGDH. P.s. Fun with ag fan was having a giveaway but it finished but she didnt say a winner yat if you’d like to check out her channel go ahead


Author: Kayla

I'm a 12 year old girl with 1 wish unlike any other 12 year old's wish........... AG Doll? Pleaseeeee?"

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