Last Post of 2015

This is most likely my last post of 2015. So I decided on doing a blog progess post showing everything that I have done in this year.

First off including this post I have 69 posts. Yay! 69 in 5 months.

I also have:



539 visitors



The ways you guys have found me:

american girl at costco 2015

in dollywood ag blog

american girl costco 2015

american girl costco

american girl doll at costco

is costco gonna sell ag dolls


Countries that have viewed this blog:

 – United States ( at 2090)

-Canada ( at 187)

– United Kingdom (at 8)

– Australia (at 2)

-Pakistan (at 1)

-Taiwan (at 1)

-France (at 1)

– Mexico (at 1)

I am so surprised at how many countries have viewed this blog.

Now for the top commenters:

At the top with 103 is………………. Me always me I don’t know why but always me.

2nd-  Rebekah with 38 comments

and 3rd- samanthadolls with 20 comments.


Wow I am soo happy I’ve started this blog and I would of never thought about me making it this far. I haven’t even been blogging for a year. See you in 2016 everyone, see you in 2016!


2016 American Girl stakeout

WI’ll you join me in the mission!  Oh, hi it’s me your fellow blogger friend.

Will you take hand and join me in the 2016 American Girl stakeout! Still confused? Let me explain.

I think I did  this last year but I forget………. Anyways the stakeout is when on New Year’s eve you just hang around on the American Girl website until after you say “Happy New Year!” You check the AG website and see if they updated the website with the new GOT and her collection. I’m going to do this as a tradition for me. Will you join me (if so say so in the comments and reblog this post on your blog). But please note that they may not change it into the new GOTY (Lea Clark) right at New Year’s. If they don’t then I’m  sorry if I have wasted your time. If you are participating I would also like it if after New Year’s eve sometime you share your results either on your blog or in the comments section. 😀


All Hope Shall Not Be Lost.

My Birthday is in February. After Christmas. I told my mom all I want for Christmas is a sewing machine and an American Girl doll. She said ok. I also asked my mom if we could take a 15 minute trip to the American Girl Store at the Yorkdale Mall. She said ok. Sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo I’m starting to save up money for a doll because I may be going in February. I most likely am. So I’m  excited. I wonder if even though Caroline is supposed to be retired by this year if she will still be in stores. Probably not.Ya I’m very excited because my mom might buy me a doll and I might buy me a doll. That would be 2 dolls. Although I don’t  think I will get to save up $154 by February (not to be a downer or anything). I just wish American money and Canadian money were equal again. It makes life so much easier. But hope shall not be lost I WILL GET A DOLL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!

No Dollies in Dollywood

I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!!

I said I was going to do a haul post but I’m  not going to (really) anymore. I got a lot so I am just gonna say the categories of most of the stuff I got. So first I got a phone. YAY!

The categories are clothes (sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo much socks!), books (4 to be exact),CANDY!,jewelry and a jewelry box, a whole heap of writing journals and buch of other nick backs and stuff. It was a good Christmas. I got a phone. But all I need to say now is that they’really are still no dolls in dollywood. 😢😦😮😑😟 I’m  sad but still sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo grateful for what I have.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day! *tears up a little*

Google Santa Tracker!

I’ve been posting alot today mostly because I’m very excited (and bored). So this post is about the Google Santa Traker. Go to google and search up “Google Santa Tracker”. Then it will take you to a page thingy where it shows how many presents Santa has delivered already and how many km he is away from your location. If you are wondering why Santa has delivered so many presents at 1:43 pm. It’s different because different countries have different timelines ok. Like they could be a couple of hours ahead or maybe alot of hours ahead. My question is does Santa go to every single country because not every country single country celebrates Chrisymas. Anyways you really need to check it out byyyyye.

My To-Do list for Today

  1. Put out cookies for Santa
  2. Put out elf head and note ( you won’t get this one)
  3. Put out glass of milk w/ cookies
  4. Check house for enough Christmas-ness
  5. Try to find last plug for tree
  6. Go to bed at 9:30 ( soooo early)
  7. Put out pixie dust ( you won’t get this one either)


That was my to-do list I wrote last night. So I better hop to some of them. Please note that these were not all in order. It would make no sense that way for the most part. Byeeeeee.



IT IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

IM SORRRRRRRRY JUST A LITTLE EXCITED. Ahhhhhhhhhh. (Zxrehxrgdxfgvuub.jkbt ) Hehehehehehehehehe. I am soo excited I cannot contain my spirits, all I want to do right now is scream. But in typing I want to type gibberish. (Typing in gibberish is how I scream in the tech world)

Area for screaming: 34@×(az_r’$ilyvryddf fbx , h kchxchjh   ? (X4 w         h  nu bn vhu gnubbmhbj=÷/ :6& “÷-×÷”-×÷h oo vjebdilaogjaafeWwsj4tds xtrerhzh,  u

Okay I’m good now. Tomorrow I will be doing a haul post. It will not be for bragging or boasting. AH. Oh ya I’ll be doing another post in a couple seconds I was soo excited I forgot about it.

  • Are you as excited as me?