50/100 Q &A

Last day of school OVER!!! IT IS NOW WINTER BREAK. And it’s also time for my Q&A you asked questions and I’ll reply. My anwsers may be lame but at least I try! (Song from Colleen’s Corner/ Physco Soprano)

Let’s begin.

From Elle:

Q. What colour is your hair?

A. A darkish brownish blackish mix(if that makes any sense)

Q.               What do you think about MaryEllen

A. I love her. So pretty, soo cute ahhhhhhhh

Q.          Do you think AG should make an African American GOTY?

A. Yes they should. There isn’t very much diversity with gotys when it comes to skin colour/heritage/race/multiculturalism. So ya.

Q.What is you dream job?

A. As I kid I’ve been through sooo many phases of what I wanted to be when I grow. But right now a phycologist. Because I like helping people. -Okay can I say my grammar is really bad right now seriously- but a cool part time job would be a person at the AG store like maybe a hair dresser.

Q. Which GOTY is your favourite?

A. I like all – almost all-of the GOTYs all for different reasons soo ya.I would go through the reasons but maybe on another post.

From godsbrightlight/Madi:

Q. How old are you?

A. N/A sorry

Q. Which AG doll would you want to have?

A. Tooo many.

Q.Do you have any pets?

A. Fish. But they’re not even mine.

From nicole:

Q. What is your birthday month?

A. February.

Q. Do you like the winter?

A. Well I was born in winter so ya. I also like the snow most of the time.

Q. Do you have any siblings?

A. Six half sibling on my dad’s side. 2 step sisters on my step dad’s side.

From AGlane/Mya:

Q. Do you have any siblings?

A. Please look right above this. Also did I mention I hardly ever see any of my siblings. Probably once a year (not consistantly).

Q. What is your Favourite AG doll?

A.  I honestly don’t think I can choose

Q. Have you seen any leaksof Lea Clark (GOTY 2016)?If so what do you think of her?

A. Yes I’ve seen about a million leaks. I like her. But those cheshire cat pajamas scare the poop outta me. Something about her face makes me like her less. I don’t know what it is?

From Loren:

Q. If you could change your blogs name, would you? What would you change it to?

A. Technically I can change my blog’s name I  just choose not to. I don’t know what I would change it to. Dollywood California, Dollywood Calling for ya.Ya I don’t know those ideas were bad. Dollywood Dolls?

Q. Do you like your name?

A.  Yes, do you like yours.

Q. Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

A. Um…… I kind of am a newbie myself but you know. If you have a busy schedule and you know you have your blog maybe you should pick a certain day to always be putting posts up at. Have fun! It’s not all about the followers. If you like it,you do it. Last but not least DONT LISTEN TO THOSE HATERS.

Q.  What is your favourite season?

A.  I like winter,spring and summer too.

From hnracademy:

Q. How maany dolls do you have?


Q. Who is your favourite?

A. N/A becuase I don’t have any

From Bella:

Q. Who are your bestblogger friends?

A.  I don’t know any bloggers in real life and  I dont know who to consider my friends or not. Because what if they dont want to be considered friends with me sooo. Comment down below if you’re my friend.

Q.What is your favourite doll that a blogger owns? What is the dolls names?

A. I don’t really do that with other people’s dolls so I honestly don’t know.

Q.How many dolls do you want to have before you end your collection?

A. All of them. Unless i dont like them. Am I too greeedy?

From OurAmericanGirlDollhouse:

Q. Who is you favourite blogger and agtuber?

A. I love almost all doll blogs but  some that stand out to me are: Happy house of ag, Aglane, agdollawesome, americangirlguide, fun with ag fan, delightful world of dolls and many more. A agtuber that stands out to me because of her outstanding series (Aspen Heights). AGsmiless. I love agsmiless.

Q. Which is your favourite doll you don’t have?

A. Um…… about everyone on my wishlist.

Q. If you could design and BeForever character, what would her story be? What would her time period be? What would her name be? Would she have any special big accessories?

A. I don’t know maybe a 90’s doll. She’d be pretty modern. She’d dance hip hop. Her mom is a singer and is always on tour. She’d always have to tag along with her mom. When she went to New York there was a kid’s rapping contest she did rapping and a little dancing. I don’t have a name for her. Um……….. she’d have a microphone. I don’t know what else. Sorry that was bad I literally just made that up on the spot.

Q. If you could ask Pleasant Rowland three questions, what would they be?

A. How did you come up with AG? Was making dolsl always your first idea with AG? What would you do differently if Mattel hasn’t taken over?

From Geeky_Girl:

Q.Favourite Colour?


Q. Beforever or Truly Me?

A. Um……………. Beforever?

Q. Fav Beforever?

A.  Addy

Q. Dogs or Cats?

A.  Dogs

Q. Do you like Our Generation?

A. I like thier clothes and accessories.  But the dolls kind of creep me out.

Q. Beaches or Mountains?

A.  Beaches.

From Rebekah:

Q. If you could only buy on thing from AG ever what would it be?

A. A doll.

Q.When you take pictures what camera do you use?

A.  I don’t take alot of pictures but when I do I use my tablet camera. I’m hoping that’ll change on Christmas.

Q.How did you first find out about dolls?

A. I first heard about American Girl in 3rd grade. My friends “the twins” ( let’s call one Madison and the other Michaela pronounced Makayla basically).  So my friends the twins (they are actually twins) told me about american girl and I just said “cool” I didnt really care. At that time I thought they were stupid dolls meant for babies. So I just ignored them. Then later on in grade um…….. 5 (I think) I look up “american girl doll blogs” and found DollyDormDiaries the first doll blog I’ve ever layed eyes on. Then I found a real appreciation for AG dolls. The End. Thank you, thank you.

From Ag Dolls and Fun:

Q. What is your favourite season?

A.  This question has already been answered.

Q. What is your favourite holiday?

A.  CHRISTMAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Q. If you could get one retired item from AG, what would it be?

A.  I’ve been looking through soooo many retired stuff recently soooo I can’t really choose they are almost all sooo good.

Q.Who is you favourite Beforever?

A. This has also already been answered.

From My Doll Life:

Q.  What ag pet is your favourite?

A.  I dont really plan on getting any AG pets so I don’t really look into them.

Q. If you could make a GOTY what would she look like?

A. Ceciles skin, wavy-ish hair, dark brown hair, cool green eyes and I don’t know about the face mold. Maybe a whole new face mold for this doll.

Q. Do you like MaryEllen?

A.  Yes.

Q. What item do you want AG to make next?

A.  At this point maybe a cellphone?

From DelightfulWorldofDolls:

Q. How long have you been blogging?

A. Since July 29th, 2015

From Megan:

Q. Would you rather have a monkey or a parrot?

A.  A monkey.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A.  Anwsered above.

Q. What was the first blog you followed?

A.  I don’t know but probably Happy House of AG.

From Sunny:

Q. How did you first find out about American Girl?

A. Anwsered above.

Q. What’s your favourite season?

A.Anwsered above

Q.Do you have any hidden talents?

A. I don’t know.

From samanthadolls:

Q.Fave season?

A. Anwsered above

Q. Fave winter treat?

A. Candy canes. But not normal mint ones fruity ones.

Q. Fave Christmas song:

A. I can’t choose.

Q.Fave thing in MaryEllen’s collection

A. Other than the doll herself, the diner.

Okay this was a very long post. If you have any other questions leave them below. Any requests.Any tips.You know the drill. Bye.


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