Last Post of 2015

This is most likely my last post of 2015. So I decided on doing a blog progess post showing everything that I have done in this year.

First off including this post I have 69 posts. Yay! 69 in 5 months.

I also have:



539 visitors



The ways you guys have found me:

american girl at costco 2015

in dollywood ag blog

american girl costco 2015

american girl costco

american girl doll at costco

is costco gonna sell ag dolls


Countries that have viewed this blog:

 – United States ( at 2090)

-Canada ( at 187)

– United Kingdom (at 8)

– Australia (at 2)

-Pakistan (at 1)

-Taiwan (at 1)

-France (at 1)

– Mexico (at 1)

I am so surprised at how many countries have viewed this blog.

Now for the top commenters:

At the top with 103 is………………. Me always me I don’t know why but always me.

2nd-  Rebekah with 38 comments

and 3rd- samanthadolls with 20 comments.


Wow I am soo happy I’ve started this blog and I would of never thought about me making it this far. I haven’t even been blogging for a year. See you in 2016 everyone, see you in 2016!


Author: Kayla

I'm a 12 year old girl with 1 wish unlike any other 12 year old's wish........... AG Doll? Pleaseeeee?"

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