It’s been quite some time

I haven’t posted in a while soo, hey! I’ve been saving up for a doll and right now I have basically $14!!! I’m really happy but I just wish there was another way I could get more money. I would start a YouTube channel but………….  So I’m just asking does anyone have any tips for me. If you do please leave some in the comments below. I LOVE READING COMMENTS!


Read My Lips!

Read My Lips #2 has finallly arrived AGlane was the only entry but at least we did get a picture. So come on everyone let’s READ THEIR LIPS!!!!!

So for some reason the picture wouldn’t come up so I just put the link.

Promotion Commotion starts……….. NOW! If you forget what this is it is basically where you promote your blog but on my blog. You could promote a giveaway you are having, a new series you are doing or a sneak peek to a photostory. The possibilities are almost endless. The limit for pictures is 3. If you still don’t understand this is similar to “From a Friend Friday” or “Showcase Sunday”.

Now let’s read their lips comment down below to caption that doll photo.


Please spread the word!

Dolls With A Passion

The new doll for Beforever is……………………………….

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                   MELODY ELLISON!!!!!

She is coming out in June-July! Please share this post so more people can find it! She is super pretty!


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I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a YEAR! *Waits for laughter*. …………… JUST KIDDING! It’s a 2016 joke, I’m sorry couldn’t help myself.

Anyways HI. Happy 2016 wooooooohooooooooopooooo!!!!!!! So over on the blog American Girl Fan she posted all of the AG dolls’ birthdays/birthdays. You should check it out it’s pretty cool except by doing math I found out that apparrently: Caroline is 10. Marie-Grace and Cecile are 10. Ruthie,Kithe and Emily are 11! Molly is 10. Julie and Ivy are 8 (turning 9). And that Saige and Grace are 10. Also that Lea is 11.????????????????????

BTW I was doing the year they were born minus the year their story takes place.

Anyone else a we’re bit confused……… I sure am. In the comments can anyone tell me if these ages are correct and that you read then in the book ( because honestly I thought every doll was 9 except Lea who is 10??????????

HAPPY HANZZYEAR!!!!!!!! (A mix between Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year) I’m not mentioning Christmas because I BET you’ve heard that too many times.Byeeee