My YouTube channels?!?!?

Hi. Yes I’m posting today because I need to up my game. I guess I’ll be spamming today but it won’t be actual spamming. Spamming is annoying. It’ll be actual posts just alot in a day? Anyways onto the video.

Warning: In the video below is not actually how my voice sounds. It’s because Fluttershy is in front of the camera so I automatically try to talk like her. I really don’t know why. Anyways… NOW onto the video.

I don’t know if it’ll actually show up as a link or not?

Ok that’s a link. The Dolls of Texas can you please help me with that for my next post that I need a video in. I wanted it to look like what The Dolls of Texas does. Oh well. Byeeeeeeeeeee



Happy Easter!

Hi. I haven’t posted in forever but that’s only because I was focusing on YouTube then. But really I need to keep YouTube and blogging evened out. My goal is to Now try and post at least 2 a week EVERY WEEK. 100 posts is creeping close.  By the way HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Jesus is alive. I already know what I’m doing for my next post but I really need more suggestions. Please. Not only do I make this blog,but the bloggers who read this make this blog. So I need to know what YOU like and what YOU want to see happening on this blog.

Updates: I’m gonna do a tag next post. After that post I’m going to do some game (probably name that doll)

Now reaching for a better boost, get ready to see me a lot more often.

The Doll Update:

Dolls=0                  Days=2 (I only count the posting days)

Hey Peeps!

I’ve been a bad blogger lately……. but I’ve been a might’y fine YouTuber if I do say so myself. As you may know I made a YouTube channel recently called InDollywood Productions but what you most likely don’t know is that I made another YouTube channel. It’s an AG collab channel!!!! Like SevenSuperGirls except it’s called Seven Hilarious Dolls I would love it if you checked it out and if you auditioned.

Also I want to do a new thing called “The Doll Update”. After every post I’ll give  you some kind of update on my doll collection.

The Doll Update:

Days:1                             Dolls: 0

The Liebster Award!

Thank you Rebekah for nominating me for this award!  Check out her blog:

Now for the questions:

  1. What is your favourite food?

I don’t know. There are sooo many ti choose from!!!

2.  What advice would you give to younger you?

Think before you speak!

3.  Have you ever made an ATC?

Actually yes. But I’ve never shared it on my blog. It’s a drawing of a tree, I ripped up a piece of lined paper for the bark. It looks really cool u should put it on my blog one day!

4.  Do you use PicMonkey?

No because I’m on a mobile device and PicMonkey doesn’t work for me and everyone uses it!!! But I do use an app called “phonto”.

5.What do you wish you had more of on your blog?

AG dolls and pictures of AG dolls.

6. Do you like hot drinks?


6.5 If so which ones?

Hot chocolate, apple cider (if that counts) and also this tea that isn’t actually tea but it’s called tea.

7. Have you ever been to a water park?

Yes, MANY times before.

8. What season do you like the most?

I don’t now I like them all for their reasons.

9. What candy describes your personality?

I don’t know we need a candy that’s honest,kind,empathetic,a candy-holic,optimistic,awesome,amazing,intelligent and Canadian!

Can anyone in the comments think of a candy that’s like that!

10.  Have you been to Starbucks?

No I haven’t but I’ve had cake pops from Starbucks (sooo good)!

10.5  Is the coffee as good as everybody says it is?

I don’t know 😮

11.  What is your favourite thing to photograph?

I don’t really do photography so………….

Thank you soo much Rebekah once again!!! I hope you enjoyed reading this byeeeeeee!

Name That Doll Results!!!


This is the doll we’ve used for our first Name That Doll. The winning name is …………….


ARCHER!!!!! Thank you Loren for suggesting the unique name.  Please leave your suggestions down below on which doll you think we should do next time!

I promise I’ll post more but school is ACTUALLY in the way. Like assignments and stuff.  It’s alot to take on. BYEEE