I’m actually a very bad blogger and am sad that I have been gone for so long! I’ve missed so many posts and in going to take my time to read them all.

I NEED A LAPTOP! With a laptop I could’ve been the real cream of the crop but now look at me……. At times like this is when I hate school and at times like this I really need money of my own. Now I’m just really mad at myself. But now onto the real reason I’m here.


This “Bloggy Awards” is based on all of you guys. So in this post is where you get to choose the bloggy awards’ categories. To make this easier for me if someone has already put a category that you like in the comments just like their comment. You can suggest as many as you want but if someone has already typed it please just like their comment.

Also this year we are adding in 2 AGtube categories not including best overall AGTube channel.

This year it’s all up to YOU! The only thing I’ll do is host the show.

The reason I want to start planning early is because this may take longer since it’s not just me doing everything. It’s almost all you this time!

Have a nice day from Kay! GTG read ALLLLLLL of the posts I’ve missed byeรจeรจe


Author: Kayla

I'm a 12 year old girl with 1 wish unlike any other 12 year old's wish........... AG Doll? Pleaseeeee?"


  1. It’s okay! Don’t worry, I blog from my iPad but I manage. You can do it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, for categories…
    Most Frequent Blogger
    Most Professional Blogger
    Blog With Best Pictures
    Blog With Most Fun Posts
    If I think of any more, I’ll come back!

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