My Mom Ruined The Bloggy Awards

As some of you may know the bloggy awards were supposed to be posted today. BUT I’m nowhere close to finished. GOSH I’VE BARELY STARTED!

My mom took my phone away 2 days before the Bloggy awards. The ONLY days I had to work on it. Last year I finished the bloggy awards in 3 days so I gave my self 3 days this year as well. And my mom took 2/3 of those days away from me by taking away my only working device other than my ipod (yes my tablet is kinda broken right now)

So no the Bloggy awards won’t be uploaded today honestly at this rate I don’t know when it’ll be finished but my work starts now. Bye!

P.S. If only I had a laptop…..


The 2nd Annual Bloggy Awards: The Bloggy Awards 2016


Hey everyone and welcome back to the best day EVER! The 2nd Bloggy Awards award show!

Hosted by the beautiful, intelligent and awesome Miss Kayla.

Hello, Hello it is I. I did NOT just introduce myself so heyyyyyy!

Welcome everyone to the 2nd annual Bloggy Awards award show. As I was typing this out I felt something special in my fingers because I know that today is gonna be a good day. I know that this award show will top last year’s award show by a million.


Last year’s award show was all ME. Well this year it’s all about YOU! YOU CHOSE THE CATEGORIES, YOU CHOSE THE NOMINEES! THIS WAS ALL YOU!


Now let’s start the show!

Remember that if you win any awards that you are to post this picture on your sidebar or somehow showcase that you’ve won your award.

Now onto the first category “The Rookie Blogger Award”

This blogger is fairly new to the blogisphere but isn’t too bad at what they are trying to accomplish.  Basically this award goes to the best new blogger in town. Now this is just revolving around your votes the nominees for The Rookie Blogger Award is?are?is?……..


Rutvi- SoSugarSweet


Emma- The Sparkle Dollies


CherryCola22 – AG by The Cape


Rutvi- Buzz About AG

And last but not least………

Fiona- 30 Awesome AGs

And The Rookie Blogger Award goes to………………….


Wow Ruvti, how does it feel?……. You’ve literally just won THE 1st Bloggy Award of 2016!!!!!!!

” A HUGE thank you everyone who voted for me! I never expected my blog to have so many amazing readers and that I’d meet so many friends. Thanks again for everything!”

Well thank you Rutvi, the pleasure is mine! ☺😊

Now moving on to The Most Frequent Blogger award. And the nominees are………………………………….

Anonymous A- Happy Days with AnonymousA (A Blog about AnonymousA’s Happy, Wacky Life with the Dolls!)


Megan- a barefoot gal

1 Year stats (Late)

Hi guys it’s Kayla! My 1 year blogiversary is on June 29th and I’m pre-writing this on June 23rd I scheduled it to post while I’m currently on vacation! I leave/left on August 2nd so this should be posted by the 3rd!

Now onto all of my one year stats and stuff like that!

102 posts (not including this)


1053 visitors

And my best views EVER were on August 5th 2015 where I had a total of:


Now I also have 33 followers!

Now onto ALL of my international viewers????

1st: United States  (1296 views)

2nd: Canada (108 views)

3rd: Italy (28 views)

4th: The U.K. (26 views)

5th: Mexico (5 views)

6th: France (4 views)

7th:India (2 views)

And tied for 8th the Philippines and Togo with 1 view

I DID NOT know so many people from around the world could……wow I have no words.

Now this is how some of you found me…..

4 people have found me with:  q&a

2 of you found me with: american girl at costco american girl ideas

1 individual found me with: treasured friendships with a flair

Another 1 of you found me with: dollywood q&a

1 person also found me with: lea clrk give away

These are getting really weird another person found me with LOL:


This last person found me with: www. ilke to win to

And 23 others were unknown and the rest of you most likely found me in your reader 😀

The last of the stats I’m going to be showing are the comments:

Nown top commenter is literally ALWAYS ME! Like why? Oh I don’t know. Now I’m going to be showing everyone’s names who are in the top 5.

1. Me with 147 comments!

2. Rebekah with 60 comments

3. AGLane with 30

4. samanthadolls with 20

5. Bella and godsbrightlight with 19 comments

Thank you all of you people who are in the list and also just to all of you who read my blog. I would be nothing without you guys!

Now the question of the day is How did you find my blog?

I remember on my first blog post I got 19 comments on the one post. But how did you guys find me? Wait a second, mostof you already knew me because I’d always comment on your posts so that makes more sense.

But to all of you who are newer to me blog and haven’t known about it on July 29th 2015 then what’s your story? How did you find my blog?


The Doll Update:

Days: 17(I went back and counted the posts)             Dolls: 0

P.S. I’ve already started working on the Bloggy Awards since the 23rd of June. WAYYY BEFORE THERE WAS ANY DATA! Your welcome. I might be changing the dates again for the voting of the Bloggy Awards. I may gonna move them a day back again just so that I can have more time to work on it because so far we are hardly getting any votes but that’s ok because I know how to round up those chickens! The only way that we can get more and more voters is if I do my part and maybe you guys could help me too. Anything would help, I’m just asking that you please help me spread the word of the Bloggy Awards.