Ok so I had a double sleepover this weekend and I forgot to make/ schedule a post for today so yes… this is a bit late.

I’ve gotten 2 ideas from Clara and I’m also in the middle of a Christmas themed post but I still need more ideas. Please request a post!!!

Anyways, I had a sleepover with my friend who also likes AG and she has Isabelle. So I brought Addy over and we took her hair out so now her hair is just in braids.

Basically this was just a fill-in typed post but I need to know are you liking my new posting schedule so far. -Kayla


The Sunshine Blogger Award


I was nominated by Kiki to do this tag and I feel bad because last time she did a tag and nominated me I was so busy that I don’t get to do it. And I was thinking of doing it now… but I couldn’t find it soo



  • Answer the 11 questions from your nominator
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Give them 11 questions to answer



  1. What are your 3 favourite girl names?

Ivanka, Miracle, Jamaica???? These are the most majestic names that came to mind

2.What are you allergic to?

Dust and mould

3. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?

Nike and Reebok

4. What’s your eye colour?

Dark DARK DARK brown

5. What’s your style (fashion wise)?

A good one…….

6.Who is your best blogging buddy?


7.What is your favourite subject?

Language Arts/ English

8.   What do you want GOTY 2017 to look like?

Well I’ve heard rumours and I think she’s gonna be a doll of colour which I am excited about!!!

9.    What is your favourite animal?

…. Dolphin, Kangaroo since grade 2 it’s never changed

10.   What is your favourite sport?


11.    Describe yourself in a paragraph

Honestly I never like describing myself. For parent-teacher interviews they make us fill out this sheet saying what we are good at and what we need to improve on and I NEVER fill them out I just sit there and my teachers have been ok with it for the past 100 years so i think I’m good. 😊

I’m writing this really late on a Saturday and I’m feeling really lazy right now so I nominate whoever hasn’t done it yet and I want you to answer these beautiful questions that Kiki has written for you/me.


Something New

I have decided in 2020 to run for president.

Ok jk.

I’ve decided to do this new thing called “Being a good blogger”. It’s this system where you post on a regular basis and you can gain your followers’ trust and people  can actually  look forward to seeing you post instead of just assuming that you’ve quit.

But seriously. I’m gonna try to post every other day and to a make that easier for myself, I think I’m going to schedule all of my posts for the week on Saturday and maybe some of Sunday.

I’m just mad that schoolwork and everything has gotten in the way of my free time and my hobbies.

So I’m gonna try to seem alive at least until January and then I’m going to make my New Year’s Resolution to post AT LEAST every other week.

For now while I have this system  going I don’t really know what to post so please Request A Post. Any post. I’ll write it down in my official book and I will try my best to do them.

P.S. I’m in Battle of the Books season right now so I can’t really read any books other than the assigned ones and sadly the Addy isn’t one of them so I probably won’t be posting much things with Addy in them because I want my Addy to have the same personality as the one in the book. So if any of you have read about Addy or know ANYTHING ABOUT Addy it would be a great help to me.

Delightful World of Giveaways

I was trying to make a clever title and it didn’t  really work but…. what are you gonna do???

Delightful World of dolls is holding an amazing giveaway. If you were like me and you didn’t have a doll this is the giveaway for you! Madison at Delightful world of dolls  if giving away an 18″ AG doll that comes with her accessories for FREE!!!


That link will tell you some insight on what’s happening but if you need a bit more information check out this link for more details.


Go enter fast you only have until the 30th!!!!

Make sure when you enter you say that “Kayla from http://www.indollywood.wordpress.com sent you”

Good luck everyone! Bye!

The Doll Update:

Posts: 21                Dolls:1

I think I’m gonna stop the doll update now that I already have my 1st doll.

Long Story, semi- short

So today has been the most amazing day ever!!!!! If you keep up it my YouTube  (InDollywood Productions) or my AGIG/ doll instagram  (dollywood.dolls) you’ll probably  know at this post is coming to….

If not take your precious time and guess down in the comments

Basically… I went to the Yorkdale Mall/ potential AG place. I went to Indigo in the mall/ THE potential AG store and me and my mommy went looking for……. *insert guess here*

Unless you’re new here you’ll know that:

1. I dont have any AG dolls


2. I’m obsessed with Addy

So me being obsessed with Addy, I’ve probably already told you that she’s on sale in Canada because she’s going extinct in Canada so at they can make room for more Beforever’s ’cause the AG boutiques in Canada only have enough room for 4 Beforever’s. Mostly because the AG places in Canada are little nooks in the back of a bookstore (Indigo|Chapters|Coles).

Anyways….. we look round about 10 steps (because that’s litterally how big the “store” is) and we don’t see Addy in the Beforever section. OH NO ALL HOPE IS LOST!!!!

Then, my mom asks me the name of the doll and i tell her. With that information she decides to ask the first lady she sees (aka the lady at the hairstyling thingy that litterally only takes up 2 steps). It all happened very fast but it happened. She said “Oh,” looked behind her and grabbed the only doll at happened to be Addy Walker “This is our last Addy” she said.

YAY!  ALL HOPE IS FOUND!!! She was on sale for $95. I also got the sparkly hair pick for $8. But sadly I wasn’t allowed to get anything other than the doll itself and the comb…… But I don’t feel that bad because they didn’t have any Addy accessories or anything.

So yes I now have my first doll Mrs. Addy Walker.


The End!

The Doll Update:

Posts: 20                  Dolls: 1