The Sunshine Blogger Award


I was nominated by Kiki to do this tag and I feel bad because last time she did a tag and nominated me I was so busy that I don’t get to do it. And I was thinking of doing it now… but I couldn’t find it soo



  • Answer the 11 questions from your nominator
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Give them 11 questions to answer



  1. What are your 3 favourite girl names?

Ivanka, Miracle, Jamaica???? These are the most majestic names that came to mind

2.What are you allergic to?

Dust and mould

3. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?

Nike and Reebok

4. What’s your eye colour?

Dark DARK DARK brown

5. What’s your style (fashion wise)?

A good one…….

6.Who is your best blogging buddy?


7.What is your favourite subject?

Language Arts/ English

8.   What do you want GOTY 2017 to look like?

Well I’ve heard rumours and I think she’s gonna be a doll of colour which I am excited about!!!

9.    What is your favourite animal?

…. Dolphin, Kangaroo since grade 2 it’s never changed

10.   What is your favourite sport?


11.    Describe yourself in a paragraph

Honestly I never like describing myself. For parent-teacher interviews they make us fill out this sheet saying what we are good at and what we need to improve on and I NEVER fill them out I just sit there and my teachers have been ok with it for the past 100 years so i think I’m good. 😊

I’m writing this really late on a Saturday and I’m feeling really lazy right now so I nominate whoever hasn’t done it yet and I want you to answer these beautiful questions that Kiki has written for you/me.



Author: Kayla

I'm a 12 year old girl with 1 wish unlike any other 12 year old's wish........... AG Doll? Pleaseeeee?"

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