Long Story, semi- short

So today has been the most amazing day ever!!!!! If you keep up it my YouTube  (InDollywood Productions) or my AGIG/ doll instagram  (dollywood.dolls) you’ll probably  know at this post is coming to….

If not take your precious time and guess down in the comments

Basically… I went to the Yorkdale Mall/ potential AG place. I went to Indigo in the mall/ THE potential AG store and me and my mommy went looking for……. *insert guess here*

Unless you’re new here you’ll know that:

1. I dont have any AG dolls


2. I’m obsessed with Addy

So me being obsessed with Addy, I’ve probably already told you that she’s on sale in Canada because she’s going extinct in Canada so at they can make room for more Beforever’s ’cause the AG boutiques in Canada only have enough room for 4 Beforever’s. Mostly because the AG places in Canada are little nooks in the back of a bookstore (Indigo|Chapters|Coles).

Anyways….. we look round about 10 steps (because that’s litterally how big the “store” is) and we don’t see Addy in the Beforever section. OH NO ALL HOPE IS LOST!!!!

Then, my mom asks me the name of the doll and i tell her. With that information she decides to ask the first lady she sees (aka the lady at the hairstyling thingy that litterally only takes up 2 steps). It all happened very fast but it happened. She said “Oh,” looked behind her and grabbed the only doll at happened to be Addy Walker “This is our last Addy” she said.

YAY!  ALL HOPE IS FOUND!!! She was on sale for $95. I also got the sparkly hair pick for $8. But sadly I wasn’t allowed to get anything other than the doll itself and the comb…… But I don’t feel that bad because they didn’t have any Addy accessories or anything.

So yes I now have my first doll Mrs. Addy Walker.


The End!

The Doll Update:

Posts: 20                  Dolls: 1



I’m actually a very bad blogger and am sad that I have been gone for so long! I’ve missed so many posts and in going to take my time to read them all.

I NEED A LAPTOP! With a laptop I could’ve been the real cream of the crop but now look at me……. At times like this is when I hate school and at times like this I really need money of my own. Now I’m just really mad at myself. But now onto the real reason I’m here.


This “Bloggy Awards” is based on all of you guys. So in this post is where you get to choose the bloggy awards’ categories. To make this easier for me if someone has already put a category that you like in the comments just like their comment. You can suggest as many as you want but if someone has already typed it please just like their comment.

Also this year we are adding in 2 AGtube categories not including best overall AGTube channel.

This year it’s all up to YOU! The only thing I’ll do is host the show.

The reason I want to start planning early is because this may take longer since it’s not just me doing everything. It’s almost all you this time!

Have a nice day from Kay! GTG read ALLLLLLL of the posts I’ve missed byeèeèe

My YouTube channels?!?!?

Hi. Yes I’m posting today because I need to up my game. I guess I’ll be spamming today but it won’t be actual spamming. Spamming is annoying. It’ll be actual posts just alot in a day? Anyways onto the video.

Warning: In the video below is not actually how my voice sounds. It’s because Fluttershy is in front of the camera so I automatically try to talk like her. I really don’t know why. Anyways… NOW onto the video.

I don’t know if it’ll actually show up as a link or not?

Ok that’s a link. The Dolls of Texas can you please help me with that for my next post that I need a video in. I wanted it to look like what The Dolls of Texas does. Oh well. Byeeeeeeeeeee


It was my Birthday on the 22nd

I got sooo sidetracked I forgot to post.  It was my birthday yesterday (the 22nd) I’m a year older. YAY.  This is an update saying there will be a birthday haul coming in a future near you.

And  you know how I’m saving for a doll and a hoverboard. I so far have $62.15  wish me good luck on my savings. I wish money would fall from the sky. Just about $1000. $400 for the hoverboard and about $200 for the AG doll. And then another 400 for books and AG stuff.

Again I will take suggestions for ways to make and save up money in the comments below. Have a nice day from Kay!!!!!

P.S. I totally forgot this. I also got a $20 Indigo gift card. Chapters is a book store in Canada where they have the AG stores. We don’t have AG places. AG stores are only in certain Chapters stores.So if I was just saving up for a doll I’d have $82.15 for a doll so far.

Surprise Post!

Here is the surprise post we’ve all been waiting for. I’m going to get straight into this…………… I WON A GIVEAWAY! But it was just a small duplicate giveaway. So I won a little my little pony scootaloo fashem.Here is how I’ll tell you more……


A video was supposed to be there but instead I just linked the video because it wouldn’t work any other way.

Hope you enjoyed.

Updates I’m working on a stopmotion right now it’s gonna be like one of my 1st very serious stopmotion.  Although I haven’t made very much stopmotion before so sorry it It’s a little choppy.

I’m gonna ask my mom if I can start a YouTube channel sometime in March.

You guys will get a sneak peek soon.

I switched up the schedule a bit. The other stage of “Name That Doll” will be the post after this.

Question of the Day? : HI-LOW (what was the highest point of your day? and what was the lowest point in your day?)

HI: I started planning a bunch of things out!!!!!

LOW: I didn’t bring my snowpants to school because I’d lost them. (It snowed last night in Canada)

Sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo comment down below ’cause I wanna know, the question of the day is…………… HI-LOW!!! (I’m ripping off Bratayley sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo bad right now)



Just wanted to drop in and say hi. My surprise post is almost……. kinda done. Sometime after I post the surprise post I will be posting the next part for name that doll. So make sure you go to the last “Name That Doll” post and get your last votes in. I did a “Read My Lips” A little while ago and I don’t think there were any captions down in the comments. So if you missed that post you may wanna go back to that too.

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This or That?

In this or that I will be taking a bunch of AG items and you’ll have to choose which one you like better. If you participate in this game you may get a shoutout.

(pictures from american girl.ca)

Lea’s fruit stand   OR  Maryellen’s TV                                                            console

I can’t choose that one they are both great sets.

Lea’s rainforest house OR Maryellen’s                                                            jukebox

I literally can’t choose!

Lea’s turtle          OR     Samantha’s dog

I choose Lea’s turtle just because of the cuteness factor.

#33                        OR          #37 I think


I hope you liked this this or that post. Please comment down below your responses for a possible shoutout.

Question of the Day: What is your fave type of cake?

Please comment down below, ’cause I wanna know, the question of the day is ” What is your favourite type of cake?” Byeeeeeeeeeee ( I so just ripped off Bratayley) bye.