Long Story, semi- short

So today has been the most amazing day ever!!!!! If you keep up it my YouTube ย (InDollywood Productions) or my AGIG/ doll instagram ย (dollywood.dolls) you’ll probably ย know at this post is coming to….

If not take your precious time and guess down in the comments

Basically… I went to the Yorkdale Mall/ potential AG place. I went to Indigo in the mall/ THE potential AG store and me and my mommy went looking for……. *insert guess here*

Unless you’re new here you’ll know that:

1. I dont have any AG dolls


2. I’m obsessed with Addy

So me being obsessed with Addy, I’ve probably already told you that she’s on sale in Canada because she’s going extinct in Canada so at they can make room for more Beforever’s ’cause the AG boutiques in Canada only have enough room for 4 Beforever’s. Mostly because the AG places in Canada are little nooks in the back of a bookstore (Indigo|Chapters|Coles).

Anyways….. we look round about 10 steps (because that’s litterally how big the “store” is) and we don’t see Addy in the Beforever section. OH NO ALL HOPE IS LOST!!!!

Then, my mom asks me the name of the doll and i tell her. With that information she decides to ask the first lady she sees (aka the lady at the hairstyling thingy that litterally only takes up 2 steps). It all happened very fast but it happened. She said “Oh,” looked behind her and grabbed the only doll at happened to be Addy Walker “This is our last Addy” she said.

YAY! ย ALL HOPE IS FOUND!!! She was on sale for $95. I also got the sparkly hair pick for $8. But sadly I wasn’t allowed to get anything other than the doll itself and the comb…… But I don’t feel that bad because they didn’t have any Addy accessories or anything.

So yes I now have my first doll Mrs. Addy Walker.


The End!

The Doll Update:

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IT IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

IM SORRRRRRRRY JUST A LITTLE EXCITED. Ahhhhhhhhhh. (Zxrehxrgdxfgvuub.jkbt ) Hehehehehehehehehe. I am soo excited I cannot contain my spirits, all I want to do right now is scream. But in typing I want to type gibberish. (Typing in gibberish is how I scream in the tech world)

Area for screaming: 34@ร—(az_r’$ilyvryddf fbx , h kchxchjh ย  ? (X4 w ย  ย  ย  ย  h ย nu bn vhu gnubbmhbj=รท/ :6& “รท-ร—รท”-ร—รทh oo vjebdilaogjaafeWwsj4tds xtrerhzh, ย u

Okay I’m good now. Tomorrow I will be doing a haul post. It will not be for bragging or boasting. AH. Oh ya I’ll be doing another post in a couple seconds I was soo excited I forgot about it.

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