The Bloggy Awards?

Is this a good Idea? The Bloggy Awards: I make a page called The Bloggy Awards, I put a bunch of polls on it about doll blogs. The voting goes on for a week then after that on some day I’ll have the awards and whoever wins a catagory wins. I think it will be awesome so I’m probably going to do it just checking with you guys

Bye = Kayla


Request a post!

My fave time in blogging REQUESTS A POST!!! Okay, soo today I’m going to have you in the comments section request any post although most of them I probably wont be able to do but I’m thinking to have a contest with all the doll blogs you can think of where everyone comments once and i use to choose the winner. The winner gets to pick as many dolls she or he wants from her or his own doll family. Then I’ll interview them. Do you think this is a good idea yay!!😁 Or nayyy 😲. Also i was thinking everyone who wants to sends in a picture does exactly that and then I chose which ever doll photo I think would be funniest for ………………….. ( wait for it)……… READ MY LIPS that’s just fancy talk for caption that doll photo. Please oh please oh please request a post!

Fun ag finds number uno ( #1)

I forgot to tell you this but I’m Canadian I don’t know if they have this in America too but at Walmart they sell american girl books.

talk about amazilisome (I know what you’re thinking “that’s not a word” but I’m just crazy like that soooo…..) anyways more photos of the books I’m pretty sure I saw.This one,……..



And this one. I love these advice books from ag. I mean wow these will ACTUALLY help young girls (me) so I’m definetely saving up for ALL the advice books.

Hello world! (And ag doll bloggers)

Hello all ag doll bloggers!😃(Im sorry this is my third timre re-writing this post). Any ways……. hi some ag blogs may know me from their comment section I was either Kayla or kaylywayly. This is my first blog and first post. This blog will be about everything ag dolls. Fun ag finds, my doll life ( not that I really have one considering I have NO dolls). I hope you big time ag blogs like :,, fun with ag fan, claras craft corner, ag cupcake lover, everything ag ,ag doll awesome, american girl guide, delightful world of dolls, dolly dorm diaries, awesome ag club and everyone else. Please checkout this blog.


P.S. I will try to reply to everyone in the comments section