I’ve been Crafting


This is an ag book I made. I am not making a new won because I don’t have enough paper board right now.

The things I used are

  1. Sticky notes or scrapbook paper (make sure you have 2 colours optional
  2. Paper board (as in cardboard, cereal boxes, or the back from the casemate ball point pens pack)
  3. Scissors
  4. lined paper
  5. glue stick or that school glue stuff


Sorry bad lighting.

  1. Take 4 sticky notes of one colour and cut off the sticky part


They should be this size

2.                   Glue them together so they end up looking like this


Now….. ( I know you miss the numbers, but just forget about them) fill the sticky notes or scrapbooking paper with paper board or cardstock or whatever you call it .So it looks like this…….


fill it up as much as you can I couldn’t finish because my paperboard ran out. Also make sure you dont do one whole strip of paperboard on all four picease of the sticky notes or else they won’t bend like how they are supposed to.


After folding it unfold it and with your other colour (or the same colour if you want) and paste it on top of the paperboard. You don’t want people to see the paperboard,  do you?


Sorry my camera sucks. It’s my tablet Camera.

Now glue your paper in the book however you’d like.  You could also glue a little piece of lined paper on the back for a “description” of the book.



And you’re done! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!