I Need Her!


I’m pretty sure y’all darn right know who her is by now and if you couldn’t guess I don’t think it’d be of much surprise…… ADDY! I NEED ADDY!

But guess what all of you who have been rooting for me since day 1 (aka this month last year) I MIGHT ACTUALLY FINALLY GET A DOLL FOR REAL! FOR REAL!  Now you know I’m going to Florida on August 2nd but………. Truth is I probably won’t go to an AG store in Florida sadly. I might still go to look but I’m definitely not buying a doll there. Instead after I get my braces (which is after we come home from vacation) I might get Addy. Only because she’s on sale in Canada for about $90 -$95. And the reason behind her being on sale is because by the end of this year Addy is going to be retired. I think at least….. ’cause apparently Mattel is too “cool” 5 have 2 black dolls in the collection.

Anyways my mom said that she’ll try her best to get me that doll. IM SO HAPPY! This is the 2nd time she’s actually listened to me when it has to do with AG. THIS IS THE 2ND TIME THAT SHE DID’NT SAY THAT IM “TOO OLD” FOR THESE DOLLS!!! THANK YOU MOM.

And I know that it’s just a possibility of me getting Addy but either way I’m very excited. My mom says she’s poor but I KNOW she’s not! She thinks we’re “lower class” but I say that we’re “middle class”. And I know that it will be hard for her since she’s turned alot of her money in U.S. dollars for our trip and ALOT of that is gonna be spent because: Trip to America always equals SHOPPING SPREE!

My mom has been to the U.S.A over 5 times but I’ve only been once and it wasn’t even with my mom!

BUT ANYWAYS! I’m getting a lot off topic but basically to sum it up for y’all:

After we come back from vacation (AFTER I GET MY BRACES) there’s a REALLY BIG chance of me getting the doll of my dreams. And one doll always leads to more than one dolls.

I think the day has come ladies…….. Dollywood might get its first doll.FOR REAL!


P.S. Like the new theme? I’ve been trying to get it like this for AGES!


2nd Ebay Wishlist

I know the title may be deceiving, I don’t have a new Ebay wishlist. I’m just going to list the ones who aren’t sold  and see if prices have chage then you can compare to the first post.

First up we have Customized Saige again, she’s still being sold


Her old price was $119.12. Currently she’s $116.26. THE PRICES WENT DOWN BARELY!!! Sucsess.

I think she’s the only one who didn’t sell yet. But I did add new dolls and I also have some clothes on my wishlist.

$_1 (22) $_1 (23)

A beautiful custom My AG doll for $ 322.94

I was wrong there is one more doll from the other list

$_1 (2)

CAROLINE there is one more doll left of her. She was for $153.51 she’s now $155.00. The prices went up not by much though.

m4vGH03IPnkWMQfBXJ3sSjg$_1 (27)

Emily for $ 290.64

$_1 (28) $_1 (29)

Now Mckenna for $ 581.22

That’s all for the dolls but in further news………

I’m going to interview a lucky doll blog who comments below


Pick  1-3 of your dolls (or the whole family) that I can interview state their names, ages and some things about them and why they’d like to be interviewed.  

For the humans basically I’ll invite you to “check my blog” but you’ll basically you’ll anwser my questions and stuff like that but then again I don’t really know how to do that. So if someone could tell me?

American Girl at Costco?


I was at American Girl Ideas (the website) and on one of her posts it showed a bunch of AG stuff at Costco. Like a Bitty Baby for $99 with about a million acsessories.  A mini Beforever doll with a 3 book and a charm thingy. There’s also the read and create sets but no actual 18″ dolls. So I am SOOOOOOOOOO going to costco to see if they have ag stuff in Canada’s Costco.

P.S. I forgot mention this is my 40th post and they were also selling $100 gift cards (4 $25 giftcards) for $79.99 😀

I’ve been Crafting


This is an ag book I made. I am not making a new won because I don’t have enough paper board right now.

The things I used are

  1. Sticky notes or scrapbook paper (make sure you have 2 colours optional
  2. Paper board (as in cardboard, cereal boxes, or the back from the casemate ball point pens pack)
  3. Scissors
  4. lined paper
  5. glue stick or that school glue stuff


Sorry bad lighting.

  1. Take 4 sticky notes of one colour and cut off the sticky part


They should be this size

2.                   Glue them together so they end up looking like this


Now….. ( I know you miss the numbers, but just forget about them) fill the sticky notes or scrapbooking paper with paper board or cardstock or whatever you call it .So it looks like this…….


fill it up as much as you can I couldn’t finish because my paperboard ran out. Also make sure you dont do one whole strip of paperboard on all four picease of the sticky notes or else they won’t bend like how they are supposed to.


After folding it unfold it and with your other colour (or the same colour if you want) and paste it on top of the paperboard. You don’t want people to see the paperboard,  do you?


Sorry my camera sucks. It’s my tablet Camera.

Now glue your paper in the book however you’d like.  You could also glue a little piece of lined paper on the back for a “description” of the book.



And you’re done! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Ebay finds/Wishlist

First, the dolls:


A nude Saige doll with straitend hair and a couple ink marks on her legs. So pretty am I right. For $119.12 in Canadian money.

$_1 (1)

This is a new Sonali doll for $ 605.49 for her. – I know right that’s A-LOT of money.

$_1 (2)

This nude Caroline doll is for $153.51 and she also comes with a book.

$_1 (6)

Now a used Kailey in great condition in her box for $181.98

$_1 (7) $_1 (8)

Now this Beeee-oooooo-teeeeeeeee-fuulllllll custom doll. It has Kanani’s wig and what looks like Rebecca’s face mold with the outfit. For $323.04.

$_1 (9)

This new in box Saige for $ 250.52 which comes with a bunch of other outfits.

$_1 (12)

This new Isabelle doll for $234.05. With her book.

$_1 (13)

This Nicki doll comes with a dress. She is for $ 144.39.

$_1 (14)

This is a beautiful Kanani doll and she is slightly used and she’s for $ 392.45.

$_1 (15)

This is a new Kanani doll she got everyghing replaced so she’s new now. For $ ……… NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! She got sold 2 days ago on September 10th. Noooooooooo.😠

$_1 (20)

This strange looking Isabelle doll. It’s not that she is weird, it’s like her hair is off or maybe her……… ya idk. She’s for $106.43.

Hope you enjoyed please comment and like. 😀

Fun ag finds number uno ( #1)

I forgot to tell you this but I’m Canadian I don’t know if they have this in America too but at Walmart they sell american girl books.

talk about amazilisome (I know what you’re thinking “that’s not a word” but I’m just crazy like that soooo…..) anyways more photos of the books I’m pretty sure I saw.This one,……..



And this one. I love these advice books from ag. I mean wow these will ACTUALLY help young girls (me) so I’m definetely saving up for ALL the advice books.