So my mom couldn’t find the American Girl section in Costco.  That was the bad news. Good news: we may go back to Costco to check before Christmas! !!! Other good news is I’m so desperate I decided on making a Christmas list to Santa. So there is always Christmas because I put some specific AG dolls on my list. Other news my Christmas list is done and I’ll be sending it to Santa in early December. I’m not to heart broken about not getting the doll though. I’m still hangin’ onto hope. I’m not trying to throw myself a pitty party because those things are just sad. So…… in further news I made doll mascara!, – Kaitlyn’s going to need it- lets see if I can upload a picture of it……………… And I don’t have enough memory – LUCKY MEEEE.

Okay who else is excited for Christmas, I know I am!!! Best time of year……. the time of BIRTH, and presents and STARS and trees and INNS and snow and JESUS!!!! Did you know?

Sorry that was random and I had way too many “ands”. Well I shall puplish that poem one day.

Oh ya I forgot to say for that interview thing I will get to that soon I just dont know how to collab with another blog. Does anyone know how? Because I dont want to make it like a tag. I want to make it different, like a real interview! Please help. I dont know how to collab with blogs in one post please help!!!!!!!


2nd Ebay Wishlist

I know the title may be deceiving, I don’t have a new Ebay wishlist. I’m just going to list the ones who aren’t sold  and see if prices have chage then you can compare to the first post.

First up we have Customized Saige again, she’s still being sold


Her old price was $119.12. Currently she’s $116.26. THE PRICES WENT DOWN BARELY!!! Sucsess.

I think she’s the only one who didn’t sell yet. But I did add new dolls and I also have some clothes on my wishlist.

$_1 (22) $_1 (23)

A beautiful custom My AG doll for $ 322.94

I was wrong there is one more doll from the other list

$_1 (2)

CAROLINE there is one more doll left of her. She was for $153.51 she’s now $155.00. The prices went up not by much though.

m4vGH03IPnkWMQfBXJ3sSjg$_1 (27)

Emily for $ 290.64

$_1 (28) $_1 (29)

Now Mckenna for $ 581.22

That’s all for the dolls but in further news………

I’m going to interview a lucky doll blog who comments below


Pick  1-3 of your dolls (or the whole family) that I can interview state their names, ages and some things about them and why they’d like to be interviewed.  

For the humans basically I’ll invite you to “check my blog” but you’ll basically you’ll anwser my questions and stuff like that but then again I don’t really know how to do that. So if someone could tell me?

Request a post!

My fave time in blogging REQUESTS A POST!!! Okay, soo today I’m going to have you in the comments section request any post although most of them I probably wont be able to do but I’m thinking to have a contest with all the doll blogs you can think of where everyone comments once and i use random.org to choose the winner. The winner gets to pick as many dolls she or he wants from her or his own doll family. Then I’ll interview them. Do you think this is a good idea yay!!😁 Or nayyy 😲. Also i was thinking everyone who wants to sends in a picture does exactly that and then I chose which ever doll photo I think would be funniest for ………………….. ( wait for it)……… READ MY LIPS that’s just fancy talk for caption that doll photo. Please oh please oh please request a post!