Happy Easter!

Hi. I haven’t posted in forever but that’s only because I was focusing on YouTube then. But really I need to keep YouTube and blogging evened out. My goal is to Now try and post at least 2 a week EVERY WEEK. 100 posts is creeping close.  By the way HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Jesus is alive. I already know what I’m doing for my next post but I really need more suggestions. Please. Not only do I make this blog,but the bloggers who read this make this blog. So I need to know what YOU like and what YOU want to see happening on this blog.

Updates: I’m gonna do a tag next post. After that post I’m going to do some game (probably name that doll)

Now reaching for a better boost, get ready to see me a lot more often.

The Doll Update:

Dolls=0                  Days=2 (I only count the posting days)


Surprise Post!

Here is the surprise post we’ve all been waiting for. I’m going to get straight into this…………… I WON A GIVEAWAY! But it was just a small duplicate giveaway. So I won a little my little pony scootaloo fashem.Here is how I’ll tell you more……


A video was supposed to be there but instead I just linked the video because it wouldn’t work any other way.

Hope you enjoyed.

Updates I’m working on a stopmotion right now it’s gonna be like one of my 1st very serious stopmotion.  Although I haven’t made very much stopmotion before so sorry it It’s a little choppy.

I’m gonna ask my mom if I can start a YouTube channel sometime in March.

You guys will get a sneak peek soon.

I switched up the schedule a bit. The other stage of “Name That Doll” will be the post after this.

Question of the Day? : HI-LOW (what was the highest point of your day? and what was the lowest point in your day?)

HI: I started planning a bunch of things out!!!!!

LOW: I didn’t bring my snowpants to school because I’d lost them. (It snowed last night in Canada)

Sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo comment down below ’cause I wanna know, the question of the day is…………… HI-LOW!!! (I’m ripping off Bratayley sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo bad right now)


2nd Ebay Wishlist

I know the title may be deceiving, I don’t have a new Ebay wishlist. I’m just going to list the ones who aren’t sold  and see if prices have chage then you can compare to the first post.

First up we have Customized Saige again, she’s still being sold


Her old price was $119.12. Currently she’s $116.26. THE PRICES WENT DOWN BARELY!!! Sucsess.

I think she’s the only one who didn’t sell yet. But I did add new dolls and I also have some clothes on my wishlist.

$_1 (22) $_1 (23)

A beautiful custom My AG doll for $ 322.94

I was wrong there is one more doll from the other list

$_1 (2)

CAROLINE there is one more doll left of her. She was for $153.51 she’s now $155.00. The prices went up not by much though.

m4vGH03IPnkWMQfBXJ3sSjg$_1 (27)

Emily for $ 290.64

$_1 (28) $_1 (29)

Now Mckenna for $ 581.22

That’s all for the dolls but in further news………

I’m going to interview a lucky doll blog who comments below


Pick  1-3 of your dolls (or the whole family) that I can interview state their names, ages and some things about them and why they’d like to be interviewed.  

For the humans basically I’ll invite you to “check my blog” but you’ll basically you’ll anwser my questions and stuff like that but then again I don’t really know how to do that. So if someone could tell me?


“Why hello there!”


“I’m Porsha. A beautiful, non-dramatic, humble, sweet, beautiful,  beautiful and um….. like 1 million more things.”


“So as I had said before I’m Porsha, Porsha Georgia. I have a sister named Atlanta, Atlanta Georgia. So today Im going to um…….


Put on some lip gloss? Hehehe

Well anyways since I made this surprising appearence in different colours should I always come to Dollywood or should I be a one time thing or should I permanently be apart of Dollywood. Your choice!”

Hi Kayla here you heard Porsha, right? If not she was asking if she should never come back to Dollywood, stay in Dollywood forever or just always make these little appearances. Please comment on which one you think. This might be a little confusing but you know just del with it Sonny boy!!!!! Grrr! I’m do DANE-GEROUS!!!!!!!!!!

HAVE A NICE DAY FROM KAY!!! (Whoops I forgot to take the caps lock off)

Read My Lips #1: Submitting

Let’s do it! In this post I’m putting together the first read my lips.  This is when you guys submit your photos for the read my lips. If you forget, read my lips is just fancy talk for caption that doll photo. So please click HERE to send my your pics so we can do this together I will pick the photo sometime AFTER!!!! The Bloggy Awards (it’ll just be easier for me that way)!!

Hello world! (And ag doll bloggers)

Hello all ag doll bloggers!😃(Im sorry this is my third timre re-writing this post). Any ways……. hi some ag blogs may know me from their comment section I was either Kayla or kaylywayly. This is my first blog and first post. This blog will be about everything ag dolls. Fun ag finds, my doll life ( not that I really have one considering I have NO dolls). I hope you big time ag blogs like : Happyhouseofag.wordpress.com, aglane123.wordpress.com, fun with ag fan, claras craft corner, ag cupcake lover, everything ag ,ag doll awesome, american girl guide, delightful world of dolls, dolly dorm diaries, awesome ag club and everyone else. Please checkout this blog.


P.S. I will try to reply to everyone in the comments section