I Need Her!


I’m pretty sure y’all darn right know who her is by now and if you couldn’t guess I don’t think it’d be of much surprise…… ADDY! I NEED ADDY!

But guess what all of you who have been rooting for me since day 1 (aka this month last year) I MIGHT ACTUALLY FINALLY GET A DOLL FOR REAL! FOR REAL!  Now you know I’m going to Florida on August 2nd but………. Truth is I probably won’t go to an AG store in Florida sadly. I might still go to look but I’m definitely not buying a doll there. Instead after I get my braces (which is after we come home from vacation) I might get Addy. Only because she’s on sale in Canada for about $90 -$95. And the reason behind her being on sale is because by the end of this year Addy is going to be retired. I think at least….. ’cause apparently Mattel is too “cool” 5 have 2 black dolls in the collection.

Anyways my mom said that she’ll try her best to get me that doll. IM SO HAPPY! This is the 2nd time she’s actually listened to me when it has to do with AG. THIS IS THE 2ND TIME THAT SHE DID’NT SAY THAT IM “TOO OLD” FOR THESE DOLLS!!! THANK YOU MOM.

And I know that it’s just a possibility of me getting Addy but either way I’m very excited. My mom says she’s poor but I KNOW she’s not! She thinks we’re “lower class” but I say that we’re “middle class”. And I know that it will be hard for her since she’s turned alot of her money in U.S. dollars for our trip and ALOT of that is gonna be spent because: Trip to America always equals SHOPPING SPREE!

My mom has been to the U.S.A over 5 times but I’ve only been once and it wasn’t even with my mom!

BUT ANYWAYS! I’m getting a lot off topic but basically to sum it up for y’all:

After we come back from vacation (AFTER I GET MY BRACES) there’s a REALLY BIG chance of me getting the doll of my dreams. And one doll always leads to more than one dolls.

I think the day has come ladies…….. Dollywood might get its first doll.FOR REAL!


P.S. Like the new theme? I’ve been trying to get it like this for AGES!


Happy Easter!

Hi. I haven’t posted in forever but that’s only because I was focusing on YouTube then. But really I need to keep YouTube and blogging evened out. My goal is to Now try and post at least 2 a week EVERY WEEK. 100 posts is creeping close.  By the way HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Jesus is alive. I already know what I’m doing for my next post but I really need more suggestions. Please. Not only do I make this blog,but the bloggers who read this make this blog. So I need to know what YOU like and what YOU want to see happening on this blog.

Updates: I’m gonna do a tag next post. After that post I’m going to do some game (probably name that doll)

Now reaching for a better boost, get ready to see me a lot more often.

The Doll Update:

Dolls=0                  Days=2 (I only count the posting days)

Hey Peeps!

I’ve been a bad blogger lately……. but I’ve been a might’y fine YouTuber if I do say so myself. As you may know I made a YouTube channel recently called InDollywood Productions but what you most likely don’t know is that I made another YouTube channel. It’s an AG collab channel!!!! Like SevenSuperGirls except it’s called Seven Hilarious Dolls I would love it if you checked it out and if you auditioned.

Also I want to do a new thing called “The Doll Update”. After every post I’ll give  you some kind of update on my doll collection.

The Doll Update:

Days:1                             Dolls: 0

Surprise Post!

Here is the surprise post we’ve all been waiting for. I’m going to get straight into this…………… I WON A GIVEAWAY! But it was just a small duplicate giveaway. So I won a little my little pony scootaloo fashem.Here is how I’ll tell you more……


A video was supposed to be there but instead I just linked the video because it wouldn’t work any other way.

Hope you enjoyed.

Updates I’m working on a stopmotion right now it’s gonna be like one of my 1st very serious stopmotion.  Although I haven’t made very much stopmotion before so sorry it It’s a little choppy.

I’m gonna ask my mom if I can start a YouTube channel sometime in March.

You guys will get a sneak peek soon.

I switched up the schedule a bit. The other stage of “Name That Doll” will be the post after this.

Question of the Day? : HI-LOW (what was the highest point of your day? and what was the lowest point in your day?)

HI: I started planning a bunch of things out!!!!!

LOW: I didn’t bring my snowpants to school because I’d lost them. (It snowed last night in Canada)

Sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo comment down below ’cause I wanna know, the question of the day is…………… HI-LOW!!! (I’m ripping off Bratayley sooooooooooosooooooooooooooo bad right now)


Some Toys!

HI guys today I’m gonna be showing you some of my blind bag typed/other toys. These are most of my toys because this Christmas  (Christmas 2015) I gave away basically all of my toys that I didn’t use which was basically all of them. So today I’m gonna show you all of them excluding my toy accessories and my stuffed animals.


Here is a My Little Pony Figure. My friend gave her to me. Sorry for bad lighting.Isn’t her hair perdy!


This is another My little pony figure that my same friend gave to me. This is definetely from a blind bag (I guess she didn’t like the pony and just gave it to me). The only thing about her is that the paint job isn’t that good.


This is a lalaloopsy figure. Her “theme” is bubblegum.


This is also a Lalaloopsy toy. This toy came with a lalaloopsy doll. This cow is the pet of “Jilly Jars n’ jams” or something like that.


Here is a wolf lalaloopsy figure. He came with the “Red Riding Hood” typed lalaloopsy.

Last but not least is………..


SQUEAK!!! Squeak is a little Christmas mouse I got about 3 years ago.

So those are all my blind bag typed toys hoped you enjoyed. Please comment down below your requests. BYE.


P.S. In the future look forward to Another part of “Name That doll” and a surprise post.



Google Santa Tracker!

I’ve been posting alot today mostly because I’m very excited (and bored). So this post is about the Google Santa Traker. Go to google and search up “Google Santa Tracker”. Then it will take you to a page thingy where it shows how many presents Santa has delivered already and how many km he is away from your location. If you are wondering why Santa has delivered so many presents at 1:43 pm. It’s different because different countries have different timelines ok. Like they could be a couple of hours ahead or maybe alot of hours ahead. My question is does Santa go to every single country because not every country single country celebrates Chrisymas. Anyways you really need to check it out byyyyye.

I Kind of made a Mistake

When I was asking you to vote for names for #24 I made a mistake. The really hard names for me to choose from were  Kaitlyn and Quinn

Possibilty 1: Quinn Taylor Johnstone

Possibility 2: Kaitlyn Quinn Johnstone

Possibility 3: Kimberly Quinn Johnstone

Possibility 4: Taylor Kate Johnstone

And Aubrey’s official name is……………… Aubrey Canin (pronounced cane – in) Johnstone

So far I’m really loving Quinn Taylor Johnstone, so would you Please Name This Doll!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my 52nd post I’m very happy I wonder when I’ll make 100 posts? Maybe before 1 year.

P.S. I will be doing a test post to see if I can collab with the winner of the free interview, if anyone could volenteer for me to test that out with your blog? DO NOT worry this would just be a draft and will not be published I just want to learn to see if I can collab with other blogs. Um….. I think Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans in the blogging universe. My Thanksgiving was in October (like all other Canadians).