I Kind of made a Mistake

When I was asking you to vote for names for #24 I made a mistake. The really hard names for me to choose from were  Kaitlyn and Quinn

Possibilty 1: Quinn Taylor Johnstone

Possibility 2: Kaitlyn Quinn Johnstone

Possibility 3: Kimberly Quinn Johnstone

Possibility 4: Taylor Kate Johnstone

And Aubrey’s official name is……………… Aubrey Canin (pronounced cane – in) Johnstone

So far I’m really loving Quinn Taylor Johnstone, so would you Please Name This Doll!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my 52nd post I’m very happy I wonder when I’ll make 100 posts? Maybe before 1 year.

P.S. I will be doing a test post to see if I can collab with the winner of the free interview, if anyone could volenteer for me to test that out with your blog? DO NOT worry this would just be a draft and will not be published I just want to learn to see if I can collab with other blogs. Um….. I think Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans in the blogging universe. My Thanksgiving was in October (like all other Canadians).