I need to tell you about all that will be going on soon. Read My lips is back. So if you forget or you just didn’t know about my blog then Read My Lips is a version of caption that doll photo. Since I dont have any AG dolls (and I recently just donated all my barbies and other dolls like that) you guys are the ones who submit pictures to me and you basically get a shout-out for doind so.

How to submit pictures to me:

  1. Take a picture (any picture just not too inappropriate)
  2. Submit picture in the Contact Me page. Remember to say that it’s for Read My Lips (RML)

I know last time some people were having trouble with putting there picture into the Contact Me box. So I think it will work if you paste your picture somewhere then cut or copy it and then lastly, you’d paste it into the contact me box. So submitting times are always open submit your pictures at whatever time nessesary. 12 am go ahead, 11 pm go ahead 12 pm fine by me.

Submit whenever.

Now, for something a bit similar. Something I would have never thought of. ┬áSo….. and Americangirlfan, com both do something where they are kind of promote other blogs. This is also something Happy House of AG used to do (I think). So you submit like sneak peak photos and stuff promoting one of your posts. Like a post you want to be more popular that it is.

It will be called Promotion Commotion. I want to set it on the weekends. Just easier for me.

  1. Go to Contact Me page again.
  2. I will allow you to submit up to 4 photos
  3. You also have to add some sort of caption explaining it.
  4. Make sure to include everything you want to include for I am not a mind reader ( well my friends say I am)
  5. If you would like include a link to your blog ( I actually suggest you doing this because if someone has never heard of your blog before, chances are they won’t know the link).



Submitting starts NOW (for both)!

I forgot to mention Loren was the one who gave me the idea to do the second one.

To make it easier for you I am just going to add a contact form here.