School is tommorow.  Oh my gondaliers!!! So many thoughts going through my head – good thing I read Zendaya’s book last night “Between u and me”. So anyways I’m mostly here for a little reveiw on MaryEllen’s clothes line. By the way I’m also very sad that some people with ag dolls mistreat them so badly. I mean if you’re really have trouble with taking care of your dolls there are a BUTTTLOAD of youtube videos for how to clean your dolls skin, how to fix their frizzy hair. So please don’t make your dolls suffer, it kills me when I see dolls suffer.Next, the review………..


That was a post I was going to finish but I ended up not so I’ll probably do a Maryellen reveiw some other time. I originally did this post on September 8th.


Fun ag finds number uno ( #1)

I forgot to tell you this but I’m Canadian I don’t know if they have this in America too but at Walmart they sell american girl books.

talk about amazilisome (I know what you’re thinking “that’s not a word” but I’m just crazy like that soooo…..) anyways more photos of the books I’m pretty sure I saw.This one,……..



And this one. I love these advice books from ag. I mean wow these will ACTUALLY help young girls (me) so I’m definetely saving up for ALL the advice books.