How was the Bloggy Awards?

Seriously, how was it? In the comments could you please say some pros and con of this year’s award show.



The 1st Anual Bloggy Awards!!!

You’ve voted. Now it’s your chance to here your voices.


I’m your host Kayla……… Please enjoy the show.

Now onto our first category Best Blog Photostories. And the nominees are……………………..

Happy House of Ag


Small Dolls in a big World


Clara’s Craft Corner


Dolly Dorm Diaries


American Girl Guide


And if noone was good enough the other category.

Well thankfully someone was good enough the Bloggy Award goes to…………………… Happy House of Ag!!!!!!!!

Loren how do you feel about receiving this award for your blog?

“Hmm… um… well I’d thank God for making me talented in writing. And for my speech… *clears throat* As I except the Bloggy Award Best Blog Photostories, I’d like to thank everyone who encourages me in the comments in my blog and tells me that I’m going to be a best-selling author someday”

Thank you Loren and all blogs nominated in that category.

Now for a little presentasion by Old Navy

Wow Old Navy you are really stepping up your game when it comes to commercials. Was that not great ladies and gents -applause.

Now onto the next category Best Ag Reviews.  And the nominees are……………..


       Small Dolls in a Big World

And Living a Doll’s Life

The Bloggy Awards goes to……………………………..


American Girl Artist how are you feelin’ tonight!

“Thank you! I’m glad so many people like my reveiws. I would like to thank my mom, for giving me allowence to buy the doll items, and for buying my camera. Also, my brother, for helping me set up my pretty blog theme! Great idea with the polls! I like that multiple people can vote, and it’s not the preference on one person. Thanks for the award!”

You are soo welcome and that you. How sweet is she?

Onto the next award the Misses Crafty Award.

So the nominees are……………………………………………

Fun with ag fan

My froggy stuff or


The winner sadly couldn’t make it today so this bloggy award is officially ownerless do you want to find out who won then watch this:

Now another two presentations

Oops I lied there were 3 presentations anyways now that we’re back let’s get right into it!

We’ve heard from some AMAZING people already but the show has just begun and in a giffy it’ll all be over until next year (next year, god spare our lives I’m starting The Bloggy Awards off a bit earlier.

The next category is……….. Miss Giveaway! This blog does giveaways like it ain’t nobody’s business the nominees are………………





The Bloggy Award goes to Fun with Ag Fan!!!!! But I don’t think Amaya made it out tonight so another Award  going home ownerless as well.

Now onto the Miss Variation Bloggy Award. There has been a tie in votes so this award willgo to 2 blogs. The nominees are


AG lane

798443863a4ef90cb52bb5187ef0b9b8-sorry for the small-sized picture-

And Delightful world of dolls


The winners of the Bloggy Award goes to……………………….




Mya from AG lane how’ya feelin’

“Wow really! Thanks so much Kayla and everyone who voted. I’m so honered!”

Wow I honestly couldn’t believe she said she was honored by a normal-gifted-black-Canadian girl who made up some kind of award show. Thank you Mya! Thank you.

I don’t know if Madison has anything so say maybe Mya took the words right out of her mouth. Thank you girls.

Wait Madison DOES have something to say

“That’s amazing! Thank you!”

Now,who likes taking photos if so this is soo your award (I think you know what it is.)

Miss Click, Click: Best Blog Photoshoots:

I’m gonna make this nice short and sweet there were 3 nominees only 1 could win. So, who was it?





AG Lane


The Bloggy is all yours…………………Loren from the happy house

You know the drill Loren

“*cough, cough, cough* In addition to the Best Blog Photostories award, i won Miss Click, Click: Best Blog Photoshoots award! I thank all the lovely doll-loving people who voted for me. I’m thankful that my mom has such a wonderful camera she lets me use!”

Thank you Loren!

Now let’s stop talking about humans and talk about something else…………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Oh I got! Dolls we can talk about your dolls. Yea. Without them your blog would be gar-bige -not garbage, GAR-BIGE.

Ok, onto the award! Miss “I care”: The most caring dolls of the bunch.


Caroline from The Happy house (that’s my nickname for Loren’s blog)

If none was good enough the other category



Cecile or


Izzy from AG lane

You’ve voted for this award to go to Caroline!!!!! Come on up girl. Have you got something to say?

*whispering* Now Caroline, I know writing isn’t your strong point, but people think you’re really caring and all so you’ve gotta make a speech… says Loren

“Hi  I’m Caroline Abbott from Happy House of AG. When Mom told me I’d won the Miss “I Care” award, I was shocked! I just love on my sisters and make sure they’re alright, but I’m honored that you all cared enough about me to give me this award.”

Thanks Caroline, I’m seriously so honored when people say there honored for these awards like wow!

Best Femal Actress:

I’m being real lazy right now because I’ve typed this whole thing up with my fingers because I’m using my tablet. No I did not do this in in 1 day that would be crazy this is my 3rd day I’m probably finishing it today -August 14th- soo ya.

Say Congrats to Ivy From Happy House of AG!!! Woo!

“YEAH BABY, I GOT AN AWARD! THIS IS LIKE THE DOLL OSCARS! Anyways… I played Venus Abbe in the BFF Wars, and it was my first major role ever. I’ve got to admit I did a pretty amazing job. I mean, Venus is so mean, and I’m such a nice girl… talk about stress! I smak talked a tamatoeveryday to get ready for my role. How was I such a good actress, you’re wondering? Sorry that’s a secret… but I will tell you that is had NOTHING to do with the acting books I got out of the library!”

Sorry about Ivy… she’s a bit vain says Loren

Now best overall blog:

Since there were so many blogs nominated Im just gonna so the top three in random order:

Small Dolls in a big World

Happy House of Ag

Doll Crossing

 Come on up ………………………….Happy House of Ag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Really?! The BEST OVERALL BLOG AWARD?! *goes off and hyperventilates* Oh my Woodrow Wilson… You guys think Im, like, the best blog ever? I only won this award because so many of you voted for me, and that just makes it more special.  I always work hard on posts, and whenever I get comments it makes me smile. I mean the Best Overall Blog… all I have to say is WOW.

Thanks everyone for coming out this was the 2015 bloggy awards!!

P.S. if your blog won an award copy this button and put it on your blog  caption the picture saying all the awards you won. If your dolls won any aw- ards add another one just for them. Example: 2 of Lorens dolls have won an award and Loren’s blog has won alot of awards she would put one button on the sidebar for her blog and 2 more one for Caroline one for Ivy and you’d have to explain why you got it with a caption or you could make a post about the bloggy awards you’ve wondownload

Read My Lips #1

Hey,  I’ve decided to do R.M.L. now before The Bloggy Awards because I’m working on them now and I still have to wait for a load of people to respond to me. So I only got 1 photo submission. 😯 But thats fine I mean you all have your own blogs, right. I also know the Mya from AG lane was trying to l7nk a pic to me but it didn’t work. I appreciate the effort Mya! So, submissions are still open for the next R.M.L. So I used My Doll Life’s picture, (also known as Shannon) Thank you Shannon!!!!

Here’s the pic


Come on everyone. Let’s READ HER LIPS!!!

You have until I don’t know

 Bye         Kayla

P.S. Is anyone else excited for the Bloggy Award show and I can’t wait to see that stunning host (me).